Updates about the Terminal/Annoucnements.

[10月27日2020] /// Situation Update

Yesterday, I got the Dimensional Stability Generator back! Services should be coming back up soon! Anyway, it was not a bad break, I got to play Metroid: Zero Mission aswell as some Super Mario World.

My motivation should eventually come back up soon! Provided the streak of good keeps going. I'm thinking about making a new IRC Skit soon. It concerns the usage of the an IRC to Discord Bridge. Maybe, maybe not. But getting the computer back is a good first step.

In the middle of the day, I had a mental breakdown over trust. I'm now slowly getting better. But yeah, 2020 in general hasn't been very good, I could say that. The good thing is that I don't have to lose data so much each time my system takes a shit. Now, I just need some more time to think this over while I get myself together.
If you haven't seen the flood of updates within Terminus, that was me pushing the changes live. Anyway, the promises haven't been too stable lately, so just hold on a while longer, allright?
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[10月23日2020] /// Stepping down to take a break...

This is Terminal Lord, Cyberman Sigma, speaking on behalf to The Matrix...

Clearly, over the past few days, some depression affected me. I found out the root of the problem is datacorruption. I combatted the corruption by backing up the RETROGRYDON Terminal, aswell as other systems on my network.

They are on a 5TB [5 Terabyte] external drive, archived as a backup for if data corruption ever happens again. The Dimensional Stability Generator, or in your terms, the "core", powering RETROGRYDON has to be cleaned today.

Please do not expect the following dimensions to be on Cyberspace for a few days: The site, Shadow IRC Network (RETROGRYDON IRC), and Discord Bridges.

I have done what I could to reduce as much damage from datacorruption as possible. Thinking about it, it is time for me to step down from the stand for a few days. I have earned my break.

For more information, please shine your Terminal Connector to the dimensional portal I have open: The 『Neocities Proxy』「」. Note the pressure difference when entering, as The Grid is different from the Matrix that you're used to. On behalf of the Users out there, I'm sorry for the lack of content.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be jacking out of the Matrix, and subsequently unplugging for a few days.
I have earned this break, and I need to enjoy it while it lasts. Sayonara for now everyone!!!
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The IRC Server for the Shadow Terminal Network is now up!
...Well, not an official IRC Network, but a Fanmade one.

This network is powered by the RETROGRYDON Dimension Grid.

And you thought the TERMINAL MASTER would host it himself?
I wanted to do this back when this Terminal was first built.

Neocities Limits held me back until I got a .DDNS domain.
A Network Surge also fried the motherboard last month.
But the good news is that it’s fixed.
18 months later, Shadow Terminal chatting is a reality!

You can find the IRC Building within the Galizios City.
Alternatively, you can point your IRC Client to 「」

For more information about the Motherboard incident.
Aswell as my own dimension, you may click the link below.



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[1月16日2020] // Shadow Terminal Revival

Level 2 will be worked on over time, and you’ll see the progress.
Level 3 should have open areas soon. It is in the midst of revival

// [IRON]

[11月28日2019] // Happy Thanksgiving!

Level 2 will take a while, so for now other levels will be worked on simulatenously.
Nothing else other than that. Happy Thanksgiving!

// [IRON]

[11月24日2019] // Interesting Weeks...

The surface is having a very interesting time...
With the craziness going on, I’m kinda concerned, but let’s see how it plays..
Oh, and a new connection was found. I like that.
Well, continue onwards with your day.
Later, and have a great day yall.

// [IRON]

Cyberman, Terminal Lord speaking... The Matrix was undergoing some heavy cyberwarefare throughout that crazy week!
I was paranoid aswell, felt like I was at gunpoint demanding I turn that feature on or pay a huge ass 40k fine or someshit!

The good news is that it seems that the Federal Knights are cooling down. But that doesn't mean the cyberwar is over.
This is a wakeup call to backup stuff you have uploaded, and/or check your channel for any "viruses" they put in ya.

Anyway, with the drama out of the way, I can work on the Matrixventures once again.

Like Iron said, have a fun rest of the week! And don't let them bugs bite you...


[11月13日2019] // Connections Revision

Connections have now been revised to be accessible at every level..
Now that the true connection worker is here, connections can connect to high level terminals.
Thank god for that, we don’t have to worry about missing connections.
Level 2 is making slow progress. But it will at least have some bases.

// [IRON]

[10月05日2019] // EMBED CODETWEAK

The Embeds are now impossible to see.
I have made the tweak after squinting rather closely at the code...
As for the autoplaying... I don’t know how it doesn’t wanna do it suddenly.
Anyway, [LEVEL 2]’s realms may be worked on soon as by The Master.
I’ll see you on the higher layers of The Matrix.


[10月01日2019] // REVIVAL



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